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Welcome to http://purpletentacle.co.uk. We have built this website about my personal brand purpletentacle.co.uk which is designed to offer out of this world code, graphics and print work, at not-out of this world prices. I will also blog on this website about html, css, wordpress, joomla and all that merry shit, when I have the time.  My links page will take you to hitherto unknown reaches of the interwebs – grab a mac jack, buckle up and bring a brolly, it’s going to be wild! Or not as the case may be.

I spend a great deal of time in the real world talking about my personal brand purpletentacle.co.uk and offering programming tips, graphics tweaks and general re-designs on print work, at not-out of this world prices.  That is my USP if you will.  Thank you for visiting http://purpletentacle.co.uk and if you have any questions, please feel free to visit our Contact page and reach out to us.

Right about now

This is a work in progress in terms of portfolio, so please bear with.  Many.

Domestic Lifts and Elevators For the Home

  1. I re-designed the header of this site to make it suit the content more accurately.  The previous design frankly was not the pooches nads.  Unlike the current version which clearly delineates the proposition of the site so that the potential buyer sees themselves in the graphic, identifies with it as something that resonates, in terms of marketing rapport, so that the main premise of the offer in terms of finding a site that makes researching domestic lifts, personal elevators and stairlifts something quite straight forward.
  2. more coming soon…

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